SLMANA is the #4 Corporate Donor to TRAIL

SLMANA-West is thrilled to inform our friends and followers that we are listed #4 on the Corporate Leaderboard of TRAIL, after our successful event, "A Night of Elegance Under the Stars," last September.

Due to the generosity of our Board, our regular supporters, and a number of individual donors, we were able to raise $125,000, which was presented to TRAIL in January 2018 by Board President Kumari Wickramasinghe and Treasurer Methinda Jayawardena.

If you would like to make an additional contribution to TRAIL, please visit their site.

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New Board of Directors and Leadership Team elected - 2018

The Annual General Meeting was held on March 30, 2018 and the new Leadership Team and Board of Directors were elected.


Executive Committee

Kumari Wickramasinghe, M.D.

Vice President
Shamila Senanayake, M.D.

Daphne Torrijos, RN

Assistant Secretary
Mahesh De Silva, M.D.

Methinda (Matt) Jayawardena

Assistant Treasurer
Michael Perera, M.D.

Board of Directors

Lasika Seneviratne, M.D., Chairman of the Board
Michael Perera, M.D., Chief Financial Officer
Lareef Idroos, M.D., Corporate Secretary
Walter Jayasinghe, M.D.
Simina Hethumuni, M.D.
Sarath Gunatilleke, M.D.
Deepthi Jayasekera, M.D.

Press Secretaries

Nabila Idroos
Daphne Torrijos, RN
Methinda Jayawardena

New Board of Directors and Leadership Team elected - 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held at the home of Drs. Lasika and Chandrika Seneviratne.  The new Leadership Team and Board of Directors were elected on Saturday April 15, 2017.

Lasika Seneviratne, M.D.   

Vice President:
Kumari Wickramasinghe, M.D

Radhini Rajah  

Assistant Secretary:
Daphany Trijjiho

Methinda Jayawardena

Assistant Treasurer:
Michael Perera, M.D

Board of Directors:
Sirima Hethumuni, M.D.
Sarath Gunatilleke, M.D.
Michael Perera, M.D.
Lareef Idroos, M.D.
Walter Jayasinghe, M.D.

Press Secretaries:
Nabila Idroos
Daphany Trijjiho

Technical Committee:
Methinda Jayawardena
Radhini Rajah
Shehan Wijayanayake

CME & Dinner Dance 2016

"A Night of Hope"

The 2016 CME Conference and dinner dance took place on Saturday October 1st, 2016. The event included a full-day long CME course followed by a delicious dinner and energetic dance. The proceeds of this event benefited the Hope for Children Project in collablration with the Lions Club of Colombo and also provided funds for a community resource center at The National Council for Mental Health Sri Lanka.