Current Project 1 - Hope for Children project with The Lions Club of Colombo

The Lions International Club of Sri Lanka has served the community for 58 years, assisting in the treatment of many underprivileged children with life threatening illness.                                        . 

The National Cancer Institute of Maharagama Cancer Hospital is a University affiliated center where children with malignancies varying from leukemia to malignant tumors are treated. The age group of these children range from infants to teenagers. 


The parents of these children cannot afford funds that are required for their treatment protocols. Many of these children also succumb to infections because the parents are unable to afford expensive antibiotics needed.  Some of these children have had their limbs amputated due to complications from bone cancer. They are in need of prosthetic limbs which cost more than the annual income of their families. 

Sri Lanka Medical Association North America-West and the Lions International Club of Sri Lanka have joined to help these underprivileged children live cancer free lives.   Lions Club is launching the “HOPE FOR CHILDREN” project which will procure required medication, prosthetic limbs and other necessary equipment, which will be directly purchased and distributed through the Medical Director in charge of the children’s unit at The National Cancer Institute of Maharagama Cancer Hospital.  

The Lions Club of Colombo is very thankful to the President, office bearers and members of the Sri Lanka Medical Association North America - West for pledging substantial financial support to carry out the project successfully. This project will not only help the children but also relieve their traumatized parents who can hardly afford their daily living, let alone purchase lifesaving drugs.  In addition, young children whose limbs have been amputated would receive adjustable artificial limbs, so that they can attend school and live normal lives.

The SLMANA - West Committee will coordinate and transfer financial assistance.  Lion Lady Hiranya Jayalath will be the coordinator and liaison officer for the Lions Club of Colombo.  
We appeal to all kind hearted and compassionate people to please help us make this worthy cause a success by donating towards this project that would help make cancer free lives for these children. Please join us in this humanitarian effort to realize the hopes, dreams and visions of healthy lives for the cancer afflicted children through the “HOPE FOR CHILDREN” project.